Female Criminal Lawyer Sydney

Maggie Sten Criminal-Lawyer Partner Sydney
Female Criminal Lawyer Sydney

Female Criminal Lawyer Legal Eagles: The Sydney solicitors taking on high-profile cases

You might not know their names or even their faces, but these are the Sydney solicitors you want on your side when you have trouble with the law. The Sunday Telegraph reveals some of Sydney’s elite lawyers and their high-profile cases.

These are the solicitors you want on your side when the chips are down — the ones working on the most high-profile cases before our courts.

Female Criminal Lawyer MAGGIE STEN

Female Criminal Lawyer Sydney - Maggie Sten Criminal-Lawyer

Designer clothing, a glass of rose and a banana chair at a five-star Port Douglas resort.

Solicitor Maggie Sten.

Criminal law is not the most glamorous of occupations, but solicitor Maggie Sten manages to balance the ledger when she’s not in court appearing for some of the state’s most notorious criminals.

When she’s not defending gangsters, a little known fact is that she is a frequent fixture at the very posh Sheraton Mirage resort in Port Douglas where she is a gold member of their prestige club.

Ms Sten is a trailblazing female lawyer who has built one of Sydney’s most well regarded legal firms in the notoriously blokey world of criminal law.

She will need to put the palm tree lined hotel from her mind for the next few months as she has been tasked with finding an appeal point in the case of Mumtaz Qaumi.

As featured in the Daily Telegraph 


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