Family violence and children

Family Violence and Children – Domestic Violence Law – Children may be particularly vulnerable to family violence, and the Act states that a child is exposed to family violence if they see, hear, or experience the effects of family violence. Some examples of situations where a child is exposed to family violence can include, but are not limited to:

  • overhearing threats of death or personal injury by one member of the family towards another member of the child’s family;
  • seeing or hearing an assault of one family member of the child by another member of the family;
  • comforting or providing assistance to a member of the child’s family who has been assaulted by another member;
  • cleaning up a site after a member of the child’s family has intentionally damaged property of another family member;
  • being present when police or ambulance officers are in attendance after an incident involving the assault of the child’s family member by another family member.
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